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Erwin van Eyk

Software engineer and researcher.

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About Me

I generally introduce myself as both a software engineer and researcher, as it is broad (or vague) enough to include most of what I like to do.


Currently, I work as a remote software engineer based out of The Hague, the Netherlands. My work for Platform9 includes all of their serverless efforts: I contribute to their open-source FaaS platform, Fission, I lead the development of the—similarly open-source—serverless workflow system, Fission Workflows, and I work on other (at the moment) internal projects. Besides, Platform9 I occasionally advice (Dutch) companies on their serverless and cloud challenges.

Whenever I get the chance I try to improve my public speaking and writing skills. I have spoken at a number of large conferences (KubeCon China, KubeCon Europe, JAX DevOps London), and I have been the main author on a articles in well-known venues—both academic (IEEE Internet Computing, ICPE) and industrial (InfoQ).


I lead the SPEC RG CLOUD activity on Serverless and FaaS technologies. With a diverse group of a dozen researchers from both industry and academics, our goal is to improve the scientific foundations of serverless computing. We focus specifically on (performance) evaluation, and have already published quite . If you want to join or help out in any way, let me know!

At the Delft University of Technology, I am part-time writing my thesis on “A workflow approach to function composition in serverless architectures”. My broader research interests span the theory and practice from distributed systems to machine learning (infrastructure).


Aside from anything related to computer science, I have a interested in economics—especially the area of algorithmic trading. On the more leisurely side of things, I enjoy football (the non-American version), reading, hiking and travelling to anywhere where I haven’t been yet.

Fair warning to the reader: Like the documentation in your favorite software project, this page will most likely be incomplete and horribly outdated.

I am very interested in collaborating on research projects, and solving challenging problems. You can contact me at my full name at


Erwin, February 2019

P.s. My girlfriend has started blogging too! Visit