Talk: Function Composition in a Serverless World @ KubeCon Europe 2018

May 14, 2018 · less than 1 minute read

Together with Timirah, I gave my very first industry talk at KubeCon Europe 2018 in Copenhagen. The topic, approaches to serverless function composition, was a direct result from work I did both at Platform9 as well as at the TU Delft.

In the talk we covered all kinds of possible approaches to composing functions together. At the end of the talk I introduced the Fission Workflows project, which our take on serverless function composition: using a dedicated workflow orchestator to

It being my first major talk, I was nervous (which is an understatement). What didn’t help was that instead of giving the talk in a small room, the talk got assigned the biggest conference room available—which was completely filled. Still, I was really glad to have this experience: I learned a lot about professional speaking, and got to meet a lot of hugely interesting people because of it.

If you rather read a shortened version of it, rather than watch the recording, we wrote an extensive article on the contents of the talk:

Slides Recording